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Ondrejnik - foto Ondrej Renner

Stramberk - foto Ondrej Renner

Stramberk - foto Ondrej Renner

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Stramberk - foto Ondrej Renner

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Poodri  - foto Ondrej Renner

The Moravian-Silesian Region lies in the North-East of the Czech Republic. In the northeast, it borders with the Republic of Poland, more specifically on the Voivodeships of Silesiaand Opole .The southeastern border is shared with Slovakia's Zilina Region. Our domestic, regional neighbours are Zlin in the south and Olomouc in the southwest.

Total population:
302, of which 39 cities
5,554 km2
Population density:
228.1 per sq.km2
Largest municipality in population terms: Ostrava, population:
Largest municipality in area:
Ostrava, 21,423 ha
Municipality with highest population density:
Havirov, 2,658.9 inhabitants/sq.km
Highest point:
Praded, 1,491 m
Lowest point:
Oder/Olse confluence,195m
Largest artificiallake:
Slezska Harta, 870 ha in area

Moravia-Silesia is a diverse region in geographic terms. From the west, the country is squeezed between Hruby Jesenik, whose summit is Praded, the highest peak of all of Moravia, at 1,491 m. The central part consists of heavily populated lowlands around Opava, the Ostrava Basin and the Moravian Gate. The South-East is occupied by a wide-spreading two-split mountain range named Beskydy: Moravian Beskydy, which boasts the highest summit, Lysa Hora (1,323 m), runs along the Slovakian border while Silesian Beskydy lies closer to the Polish border.

While most of the area drains into the Baltic Sea, small parts along the Morava river drain into the Black Sea. The Oder is the region's leading river originating in the highlands called Oderske Vrchy. In Ostrava, the Oder receives its major tributaries, the Opava and the Ostravice, followed by the Olse north of Bohumin.

The Moravian-Silesian Region enjoys the blessings of the northern hemisphere's mild climate.

With an area of 5,554 km2 , Moravia-Silesia ranks sixth among the Czech Republic's regions in size. But its 1,262,660 inhabitants make it the most populous part of the country. The largest city is Ostrava with a population of 314,102, the seat of the regional president. Some other large cities are Havirov (population 85,271), Karvina (64,146), Opava (60,731) and Frydek-Mistek (60,603).

In its short history, the Moravian-Silesian Region has successfully established contacts with the Silesian Voivodeship in Poland; the French Region of Lorraine; the Vietnamese Region of Khanh Hoa - Khanh; the Korean Province of Jeollanam-do; the German State of North Rhineland - Westphalia; and with Slovakia's Zilina Region.

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